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  1. Pinecone is a good site to use, and the best thing about them (like you said) is they don’t waste your time by sending out surveys they have no idea whether or not you qualify for. Too many people spend time filling out stuff just to find out they are not eligible to participate in a survey. When they do this too much, then it all adds up to a bunch of time wasted; Which could have been better spent elsewhere.

    1. Exactly, Nate! I’ve been apart of a couple of survey panels that were absolutely ridiculous. On top of them only paying like $0.25 per survey, they had an insane disqualification problem.

      It use to take like 10-15 minutes of my time just trying to actually qualify for something. And when I did get approved for a survey, it took like 15 minutes to complete it and I would literally earn pennies.

      There are companies that give surveys a bad look.

      Pinecone Research is of few that actually represent the potential of getting paid for your opinion.

      At the end of the day, you can’t expect too much just from your opinion but you could still earn a couple extra hundreds a month with little to no effort. And i don’t see why anyone want to pass that up!

      Every penny counts. Thanks for commenting Nate!

  2. This is interesting and would be a good way in making some extra cash!! However like any other survey they are very selective and it doesn’t surprise me that it scared a few people away from singing up. A few have done that to me as well only because it asks very personal questions. Age, country, income so on and so forth so its understandable however would be a good way to make some extra cash if you were the chosen one!! 

    1. People tend to always ask “Is Pinecone Research Safe” and I never once heard anyone say that there information was compromised. In fact, this company has been operating since 1999, and is growing rapidly every year thanks to the good feedback of all of it’s users.

      I do actually understand where your coming from. Back in high school when I signed up to my first survey company, I remember thinking about if It was safe to share my information.

      I had signed up to SwagBucks, another survey company. Turns out that they were legit and I still haven’t had any weird privacy issues.

      As long as you stick with the more popular survey panels you should be fine. There are some scams out there that pretend to be legit companies. This is why It’s good to do research, and stick to only the credible companies

      Also, I highly suggest you create a Pinecone Research account, Trevor. You won’t regret it!

  3. Wow man I never knew you could earn money by doing surveys for people online and this is also the first time ever that I have heard of pinecone research, I mean why not sign up like I have just done😁and it is soo great to read that you can actually stand a chance to be approved because in today’s time people like me that are still young with no credit card etc. gets rejected slot by sites like these and that annoys me slot and also scare me to not sign up for sites like these but I appreciate man and will let you know if I got in fingers crossed!!

  4. I think the platform is really worth the time. The $3 payout for each surveys is good especially since it only takes 5-10 minutes per survey. If this can be done for several times in a day, then surely someone could make a substantial amount of money to be worth while. I like the fact that it is a well disciplined website people find not very easy to join. How do they maintain their discipline to that high rank when they hardly disqualified their members? This means any member that abuse the platform can go scout free. I think I will have to do more research to know this question. Another thing I will like to look for is which country and race do they prefer most?Thanks for this wonderful review about pinecone research platform. It would be of great help.

    1. Pinecone used to have a very strict criteria of the users that they wanted. In fact, you needed a special invite link. From what I’m hearing now is that they are letting anyone in now, regardless of your race or country.

      I don’t believe they publicly disclose the demographics to avoid people faking the requirements to get in. People do that all the time. They lie just to qualify for surveys and whatnot, which I do not support whatsoever.

      The company is willing to pay for our “honest” feedback, and it’s sad to think that someone would go provide false information.

  5. This is so cool! I can’t wait to sign up after I’m done some work. I’m not experienced in this field but would you say that a site like Pinecone is uncommon? I fortunately have not wasted any time on this at all so my luck must be good today, looks like I’ve found a decent sidejob for extra income! I appreciate you sharing this valuable post with all of us 🙂 The more we help each other, the easier and more rich life seems to be.

    1. Yeah, it is very uncommon to find a good survey panel like Pinecone. There are only a few other companies I fully support. Feel free to browse through the website. I only write about the legit one’s. Have fun!

  6. Thanks for sharing this information — I looked at various “take surveys for money” sites in the past and even signed up for a few, but always grew disillusioned with the low volume of available surveys and/or high payment thresholds.  And I totally agree with you — spending several minutes on a survey only to then be disqualified can be really frustrating. 

    Do you get to complete all available surveys on Pinecone’s website itself, or do you get sent to other third-party websites?

    1. I know exactly what your talking about! I come to the conclusion that those survey panels with those “high thresholds” are scam.

      They lure you in, and have you thinking that your about to make some quick and easy cash. After doing a couple questionnaires you realized that your never going to cash out.

      Then you decide to quit and forget all about it. And what that means for them is that the money you did earned is kept in their pockets.

      Good thing Pinecone Research pays in 24 hours so there is no funny business whatsoever. Also, to answer your questions the surveys are within the platform of Pinecone Research!

  7. I stumbled upon your article today while I was looking for opportunities my wife could take advantage of for earning money online while she’s only doing part-time work. I’ve been avoiding surveys because as in the many points you have already made, you can end up making 10 cents an hour which is just laughable. This is the first I’ve heard of Pinecone Research and I’m actually going to sign up both my wife and me to really see what the platform is all about.  Thanks for putting me onto them!

    1. I avoided them for the same reason in the past. But I’m learning that there is a negative view on Paid Surveys that are false, and this is thanks to a few bad apples that are floating around. And I really do hope you sign up!

      You could come back and share your experience in the comment section. I’m sure my readers would love that! Let us know about all the cool products they send you, and if you like it!

  8. Sounds like a good online survey company which is far better than what I’ve signed up before. I remember, I signed with ClixSense to work with them in both PTC and online survey. There were only few opportunities given to us as far as answering surveys is concern for the reason that my country is not preferred by online companies. Then, like you said, when there’s one survey you have taken, you will be surprised at the end of the process that you are not qualified! 

    I’m glad to know that Pinecone innovated on those negative things that we have mentioned. Although I’m busy with other online endeavors which is affiliate marketing, as a home business coach I am being asked frequently by clients if I know some online surveys I can recommend to them. And I think this one fits the criteria.

    1. Feel free to send them to this article. Also, if they are serious about getting paid online for their opinion, I would advise for them to sign up to a couple of sites. A few hot one’s are SwagBucks, Vindale Research, InboxDollars and MyPoints.

      Those are the one’s I support the most, and they happen to be the most popular right now in the paid survey industry within good reason. Also, SwagBucks is offering an awesome $5 bonus when you setup your free account.

  9. Hi, Your review about Pinecone Survey is interesting but hope they are not type of frustrating survey provider that i have experience that makes surveying boring, with your review this will serve as extra income to me, i will give it a try, but i will like to ask are they bias about user’s country?

  10. Wow, finally a survey site that is actually worth my time. I’ve tried a few and yes, they usually boot me after a good 5-10 minutes. ClixSense actually had surveys that paid pretty well, some even over $3, but all the same, I couldn’t find a single survey that kept me in for the long haul. I’ll give Pinecone a shot, since I can definitely use some extra money while pursuing my online endeavors. Thanks for the heads up here, and one that might just be worth my time. 

    1. I Appreciate your input, Todd.

      This is the second time someone mentioned ClixSense here, I might have to investigate the service and see if it’s worthy of adding to my list of good survey websites to join.

      And you say that you were able to earn over $3 per survey sometimes? That is absolutely amazing and is above the traditional payout standard you’ll see with other panels. I’ve seriously seen as low as $0.10 for surveys in the past.

      It sucks because it’s ruining the perception for the industry. Getting paid for your opinion can be a nice side hustle as long as your with the right company. In this case, I recommend Pinecone Research.

  11. Just what I was looking for, some extra earnings on the side. I’m so happy I found your website because I was looking for a reliable survey platform for some time now and no luck. Do you know if there’s any special registration procedure or you simply register on their website and start taking surveys?

    Thank you,


  12. I’m glad to see that there is a decent survey company out there as most of the ones that I see are either scams or pretty much garbage. $3 per survey is pretty good relatively speaking. I haven’t done a whole lot of surveys but am always interested in seeing if they are worth my while. I appreciate you pointing out that many survey companies will do a pre-screening. This will help save lots of time. I’ll definitely check out your Pinecone Research link further, well done!

  13. Pinecone seems to have it together…I and my wife signed up for other survey sites in the past. You were absolutely correct about the “disqualification”. You started answering all their initial questions and if you answer one in a way that they aren’t looking for, you are dropped out and unable to take the survey at all…and yes, this is after you’ve already spent about 10 minutes there.  I am glad to see that Pinecone is different. 

    I may have to let my wife in on that one. She is the one that does most of those. She also has more time on her hands as well. But, not as much as she used to now that her pet-sitting business is starting to take off. Maybe I can even do a survey or two a day. Just curious, you don’t have to answer, but how many do you do each day? That could be a fair amount of money each month. 

    I am glad I read this…I might be checking them out.

    Bob M

    1. Great question, bob! The thing is that I always try to take as many as I can. How many I do that day depends on how many are available to the users. Every survey panel only has a certain amount of surveys they can deliver that day.

      Which brings me into a problem I actually hear about often. People complain with certain companies that they join that they aren’t getting enough surveys.

      Pinecone Research delivers them often, and which is why I’m really pressing people to Create an Account with pinecone to really get the most out of paid surveys

  14. Our family has been looking for ways to earn extra money each month and Pinecone certainly looks like a option to keep open.  As you mentioned, other survey sites have such extensive surveys for such limited rewards, which is always a frustrating experience.  It is nice to know that with Pinecone, you know what you are getting.  Thanks for the article.

  15. I have heard a lot about Pinecone research but wasn’t able to join at that point because I was told I needed to be invited through a link, as pinecone does not accept people always.

    It is good to learn they have become a lot flexible now, and offer people from different places the opportunity to join them.

    I have taken lots of surveys from different websites and I do know how frustrating it can be to spend hours only to make a dime or two, or not even qualifying after everything.

    So it is good to know that with pinecone 

    I don’t just get paid $3, but that I will qualify for every survey that is brought my way.

    Thanks for sharing this, will definitely give them a try.

  16. Hi Admin,

    Thank you for writing such a great article. I was having flashbacks about those other companies which I have more experience with than I care to admit. There was one who emailed me nonstop, only to have me disqualified after I gave then all this personal information.

    I wanted to mention that sometimes when you upload a picture, it can mess with the sentences around the image. Just double check under the middle photo. Otherwise, your writing was perfect. It was effortless to read.

    Thank you again for a great article!

    Cheers, and take care of yourself


  17. I’ve checked out many of these survey sites before and everything you said is what happened to me. I was frustrated and annoyed thinking that I was actually doing a survey to find out it was to qualify. It got to the point that I unsubscribed from all of those sites. We all know that time is very important to us and money so Pinecone seems to be doing a great job. This site sounds wonderful and I felt like joining it right away. Besides who couldn’t use a couple of extra dollars. What is the process to sign up for that site?

  18. I’ve run across these paid surveys quite often, just because I am always on the hunt for new ways to make money. I never even went so far as to complete a survey, though. It seemed like way too much effort for way too little money. If I understood correctly, you can typically complete a survey in about 15 minutes? If so, that would actually be worth my effort if I was just sitting around anyway. What kind of products so they have you do product testing on? Thanks for the review, I might actually take a look at Pinecone.

    1. The product could be anything honestly. But I believe it’s usually sample sized stuff that you get in the mail, and there’s really no full sized items. Either way, I find it cool that you send you free items that haven’t even hit the store yet!

  19. This sounds like a good way to make some extra cash. I’ve been looking for something easy Icould do from home and this might be it! 

    I’m just wondering how much of a pre-screening they do in terms of when you’re signing up? Do they want to know a lot of personal details up front and that’s why they don’t need to further screening?

    Also I’m wondering whether you get $3 for producttesting as well?

    Do you use Pinecone?

    1. While registering with Pinecone Research, they will ask you important questions upfront and learn everything they need to know before approving you. As far as payments go, sometimes you can earn more than that doing product testing depending on what the specific task is.

      $3 is just the starting point no matter what. And I did take surveys awhile back, but I now do other side hustles. But I still like sharing with others how to get paid for your opinion.

      I just feel like my time can be put into more profitable things. But for someone who is new to making money online, and want to get started without complicates… then Join Pinecone Research or any of the other hot companies

  20. In a world of rip off survey sites, it is nice to see one where you can potentially make minimum wage for your time instead of pennies a survey. My experience though with survey sites is pretty rough. I didn’t know upfront to have a separate e-mail address for all of the survey related offers and outright SPAM. How many ads a day are you getting related to doing surveys for cash?

    1. If I did get any spam, I didn’t notice. My email inbox has been full from all type of things that I signed up for non survey related in the past.

      I have heard from others that you should use a separate to avoid spam. Usually they say that you should join several survey panels and use one email dedicated for them

  21. Bookmarked! Yes I bookmarked this on my browser because I am definitely going to check out pinecone. I mean, I have really tried out many surveys and where has this been. This offer is outrageously awesome. I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy making money from here. Interestingly, there’s no cons at all for this. No pre-tests or anything, Wow…I’m grateful for this post. Thanks admin

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